As of June 15th, masks will not be required if you are fully vaccinated. Students and staff are considered fully vaccinated after two shots and two weeks, or 1 J&J shot and 2 weeks.

Participation of mask-free entry will be the honor system and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the State of CA, participants may self-attest to their vaccination status. 

By removing your mask or arriving without a mask you are self-attesting that you are fully vaccinated.

We support and welcome all students regardless of their vaccination status.

We also fully support those wishing to continue wearing a mask in studio, vaccinated or not.

We will be increasing class capacity as well and are accepting walk-ins as before COVID, however strongly encourage online reservations.

** Please note: there are no cash transactions. Credit card only, with a $10 minimum. Balance to remain on account.

Props are now available. Mats and towels can be rented for a fee.

Showers and locker rooms are now open and available.

All physical distancing requirements have been lifted.  

We will no longer be offering live-streamed classes due to the increased availability of everyone to be in person. Thank you to everyone who supported and connected with us during these times. <3With Gratitude, Carmen & Lee for Yogamaya