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November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

Dear Akasha Yoga Clients, Students, and Friends,

You may have already met us at Akasha as the new owners of your yoga studio in Vacaville. If not, we look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you.

We are Carmen Isais and Lee Ockenden — husband and wife team, plus a bunch of our kids (who are sure to be around, checking you in or with mop in hand). This is a big adventure for us all that developed into a possibility less than 90 days ago when the opportunity to become the 3rd owners of Akasha presented itself. The choice, immediately, was a simple, “yes”.

Back in 2012 we first began to visit Akasha in Vacaville, choosing to drive from our offices in Davis, just to enjoy the studio, teachers and amenities as Jami Testa first created the space. We found the studio welcoming, calming and a retreat from outside stressors. Later, and for the last four years, owners Sharon and Bob Scott continued to grow and nurture the Akasha Yoga community. The Scotts have been steadfast and thoughtful caretakers, leaders and teachers. To both Jamie and the Scotts we are grateful. Thanks to all of them, the Akasha community is a thriving one.

Our continued vision for the studio is to, first, always maintain the Hot Hatha and Hot Vinyasa traditions your practice has been built on, and second, to introduce Restorative, (more) Yin and Hatha Alignment classes to offer diversity to your practice.

As psychotherapists, both Lee and I have found that a focus on wellness and self-care is difficult to maintain in our over-worked, fast-paced and stress-filled society. We have to be intentional, then in our self-care. To that end, workshops and opportunities for group meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Trauma-informed approaches will be offered at Akasha in the near future.

Akasha exists to provide clients/students, of all abilities, tools that enable them to enjoy the experience of being fully alive. We practice not to become perfect— but perfectly imperfect, physically resilient, emotionally intact, intelligently engaged, and absolutely present.

Reaching these goals may sometimes be a struggle for you. It is a struggle for Lee and I, too— so you will find us on the mat, often, and sometimes right alongside you.In the spirit of transparency, know that our dedication to facilitating and empowering your Yoga and Wellness practice is part of our personal life’s work and Dharma.

And for allowing us a space for this work, we are … Gratefully Yours, Carmen & Lee