So far, 2019 has ushered in ongoing changes for us at the studio. Being new owners since just November 2018, we have made an effort to increase our social media presence, and overall reach in our local community. The result is new energy in the studio, and also online.

With Akasha Davis sometimes being mistaken with our Vacaville studio on the web, we’ve decided to eliminate any potential future confusion and change the name of what, to date, has been known as Akasha in Vacaville. In our search for a new name Lee and I were inspired by our daily work with trauma, grief, and psychotherapy clients— From the world of Yoga, a term comes to mind, one that identifies “the energy that remains when all else ceases to exist”. That word is YogaMaya.

In daily life YogaMaya might be the energy that brings individuals to move towards hope, healing and vitality– despite challenges. It is that last bit of instinct towards life that helps us show up for ourselves.In your daily yoga practice and on the mat, YogaMaya might be that unexpected surge of energy that gives you just enough push to move into the next posture, finish your class, stay in the room. Just when you think you have nothing left to give your practice, you find there is more.

YogaMaya shows up in our lives in dozens of other ways. We tap into it every time we push through physically, mentally, or emotionally. It makes up the best parts of our strength and resiliency. And we can use more of it.And so we hope you come visit us, show up for yourself, and tap in. So, in the coming weeks we will make the transition to your studio’s new name, YogaMaya. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. As always, thank you each for your ongoing support.

Gratefully, Carmen & Lee