Megan (200hr RYT) grew up in Colorado where her love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle began. She started teaching yoga in 1999 after the birth of her second son in order to balance her fitness routines, which included teaching cycling, aerobics, and H20 classes.

Megan has committed to instructing yoga with an emphasis on the expression of truth, love and relief. She believes yoga harmonizes you, forcing you to be in the present moment with peace of mind, uncovering the ultimate source of light within that’s always been there!

As a wife and mother of three, (2 boys and a girl) Megan knows that balance is a moving target and one must constantly be evolving. “If you’re not evolving you’re decaying.”

Megan continues to explore many yoga styles and practices to ensure creativity and growth in her teaching. In 2015 after teaching for 13yrs she went back for a 200Hr RYT teacher training to become a certified Wanderlust teacher. She recently finished a 9mo Living Ayurveda course with Kate Stillman of yoga healer and is currently studying with Katie to become a yoga health coach. Megan believes in Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga or science of life) and looks forward to empowering her students, friends, and family on and off the mat with it. Outside of the studio, Megan loves running, hiking, cryotherapy, and green drinks!