I started practicing yoga at a young age, but particularly committed to my practice during the scary times of quarantine. Committing to a daily practice during those months at home helped stop me from falling into a place of deep fear and anxiety.

As a result of this new commitment to yoga, I found myself mentally equipped to adjust to the ever changing world we’ve found ourselves in these past few years. When 2022 rolled around, I knew I was being called to teach yoga. I wanted to share this practice in the way that I’ve come to know it, as a means of healing from a place of radical vulnerability and love. I received my certification around the corner from YogaMaya at Ebb and Flow Yoga Studio in May 2022 and started teaching immediately after.

My personal practice is based around my passion for grassroots movements and resistance; to heal Mama Earth and all of her inhabitants we must first start from within, from the root. I bring this energy to my classes by encouraging deep reflection and the gooey connection between mind, body, spirit that mindful breathing cultivates. The classes i teach are spaces for release, community and ancestral healing, and most of all increased connection to oneself and the world around them.