Before joining us online perhaps you have practiced at our Northen California Hot Yoga Studio.

Practicing yoga in the studio is great. Our studio is a quiet, peaceful setting, free from the distractions and challenges of everyday life. A good yoga studio can be like a sanctuary for many of us who choose to practice there. But practicing yoga every day at a yoga studio isn’t always possible. There are many things that can keep us from getting to the yoga studio every single day, so that’s why it’s important to feel comfortable practicing yoga at home. And when you practice yoga at home, you should have a space that is quiet and serene – just like the yoga studio.

How to Make Any Space Your Yoga Space

Making Space

First, rethink “space”. You may not have an extra room to devote to your yoga practice, but all you really need is enough space for a mat. Find a place that gives you enough space to stretch out in. It doesn’t matter what else you have in the room, as long as you have enough room to unroll your mat and can reach your arms up overhead without hitting a ceiling fan or light fixture, you’re good to go.

Dedicate the Space

Try to dedicate this space just for yoga and meditation. This means keeping it clear of clutter and dirt, and not using it for anything else like watching television, eating, or sleeping. Not all of us have that luxury, so don’t feel bad about unrolling your mat anywhere you have room. For those of us who live in small spaces, it’s motivation to keep the house clean and ready for when we get fifteen or twenty minutes to practice yoga at home.

Make the Space Beautiful

If you find your space beautiful, you will be more likely to use it. Eliminate clutter, putting all unnecessary stuff where it belongs. An uncluttered space promotes an uncluttered mind.

Then fill the space with beauty. This might mean fresh flowers, a gorgeous tapestry, stones and seashells that remind you to ground. Or it might mean no extra objects at all—a sparse space can be exactly what an overthinking mind needs.

However, most of us might enjoy having an altar in sight. An altar can mean many things, to many different people. Fill it with objects that give you peace and tranquility. Pictures of deities that resonate with you, twigs that remind you of your favorite camping spot, or your most-loved crystals can all be part of your altar. It doesn’t matter what’s on it, as long as it reminds you of spirit.