I started my journey with yoga in 2014 when I was sixteen years old. My sister dragged me to a Bikram class at what was then known as Bikram Yoga Stockton (now True You Hot Yoga). I had been dealing with back pain for years with two deteriorating discs, a twist and curve in my spine to blame. My sister had told me about the yoga, which would help with the chronic pain I was experiencing; I thought she was insane for wanting to take me to a 105-degree room with a 40% humidity. Nevertheless, she convinced me, with help from a bribe of a free shake after class. I instantly fell in love with the practice.

After about two and a half years of consistent practice, I was moving to a different city and unfortunately had to leave the studio and community I had become so accustomed. Due to being a student and only being able to work limited hours, I could not afford to practice while I was living in Sacramento, meaning that for about 8 months I did not have any type of practice. Although I loved living in Sacramento, I needed to move home after some financial trouble with school that was out of my control. This move would be one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

After moving back home, the first thing I did was go take a class at my home studio. That class was one of the most challenging classes I had ever taken due to putting on weight and the return of my back pain. I pushed through and picked up an even more consistent practice than before. I began to practice five or more times per week. It was not long before I noticed that I had lost 40 pounds! A few months into my return, I decided on two goals: I wanted to compete in the USA Yoga competition and I wanted to get my certification to be a teacher of the 26 x 2 Bikram method class. For the first goal, I competed in the 2017 USA Yoga West Coast Regionals and earned my spot at 5th place. My score from the regional awarded me an invitation to the National competition, which I had the honor of taking 9th place in the semifinals and 7th place in the finals. As for the second goal I had set for myself, I completed my 200-hour teacher training (RYT) with True You Hot Yoga under the direction of Helena Monica in June of 2018.

Although I am new to the teaching world, I am hungry to share my knowledge and experiences the same way that others have shared with me.